Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Stoner not concerned by championship deficit

Following Jorge Lorenzo's British MotoGP win the Spaniard has opened a commanding 25 point championship guide over Casey Stoner.

With six races concluded in the season, and 12 remaining, it is far from what had been predictable from the reigning world champion - but Stoner was eager to stress that it was far too early to view the championship momentum as having swung determinedly in Lorenzo's favour.

“It's too early [to worry about the championship.] I'm more concerned about our pace to be honest,” said the 26 year old Repsol Honda rider. “That's the thing that has dissatisfied me a lot.

“Championships can turn just about in one race. Definitely the way Jorge is going it's not going to occur, but one DNF and a win for myself and we're equivalent on points and it's game on again.

"So we don't know what can occur later on in the season, but we have got to keep fighting and moreover try and close the gap or not let it enlarge too much."

With the Silverstone weekend having been run in unreliable weather conditions, Stoner was keen to stress that second place was a strong result.

“Today might have gone either way and I could have lost a lot more points than we did so I'm happy to have held on for second. Things could have disappeared a lot better too so we've got to turn ourselves around,” concluded the Australian.

Stoner led laps 5-10 of the 20-lap race, ahead of being passed by Lorenzo. Stoner then spent the left over laps holding off team-mate Dani Pedrosa.

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