Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fernando Alonso says F1 Title Race Wide Open

Championship head Fernando Alonso of Ferrari said on Thursday in front of the Korean Grand Prix that the title competition was still wide open, warning Lewis Hamilton remnants a threat. Alonso saw his lead over the Red Bull of Sebastian Vettel slashed to just four points in Japan last week when the Spaniard was enforced out moments after the start with a stab, leading some to propose it was now a two-horse race.With five grand prix to go, Alonso has 194 points, Vettel 190, Kimi Raikkonen 157 and Hamilton of McLaren 152. 

Speaking at a press discussion in Yeongam, Alonso confessed he did not know how far Hamilton was after. Told it was extra than 40 points there are 25 points for a pursuit win he said: "It's more difficult but it's not over."For sure the possibility is a little bit lower, but the form of McLaren and Lewis previous to Suzuka means they still have a opportunity." Hamilton, who will move to Mercedes next year, completed fifth in Japan to keep his finals hopes just about alive. Despite having Vettel inhalation hard behind his neck, Alonso said there was no basis to panic. "We all need a few points this weekend. 

It's the same for each one. We've been approaching from the first week and nothing changes now. We need to keep responsibility the same things." He added: "I remain certain we will be spirited. We've been more or less spirited the last eight or 10 races. We've not been the best, but we are in location."Vettel, who has stormed into argument after victory in the previous two races in Singapore and Suzuka, echoed Alonso's sentiment. "We should be sensibly spirited here," said the German. "But this year has been very random. We will try our best to get a very sturdy result.

It's been quite up and down for all of us. We've seen this year a lot of cars that can revelation. There are more than one or two cars that can win. It's been the narrative of the finals, it's been up and down and things can modify rapidly. "Hamilton, who did not finish in Singapore, previous to Japan, because of a technical burden, said: "It should have been 35 points (from those two races) but that's race and there are still 125 points to go. We've got to keep approaching and intent on those 125 points that are left. You have to make your own luck in this commerce. We are still in it and we are still hostility."

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