Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sebastian Wons Japanese Grand Prix

Japan has proved a happy hunting ground once more for Sebastian Vettel, having won at Suzuka in 2009 and 2010 and claimed the world contest here last year, he has now ensured this year's title race approximately begins again from graze after a flag-to-pole win that puts him four points after the contest leader Fernando Alonso, who was knocked off at the first corner.

Vettel's drive was peaceful but while he takes the season's first back-to-back wins and impetus into the final five races, it was the other collide, instantly after Alonso's, yet again involving Romain Grosjean, and Lewis Hamilton's tussle with his McLaren substitute, Sergio PĂ©rez that involved most observation.

Sebastian Vettel

 Already under fire for his driving, Grosjean did himself no additional favors in the race, having only made it to Turn Two before shunt into Mark Webber's Red Bull, responsible of watching Perez who was flanking him, rather than the Australian who was in front.

He has previously been punished with a one-race ban after causing the crash that knocked out Alonso and Lewis Hamilton at the first turn at Spa. But that was just the most impressive (and potentially dangerous) of a period besieged with errors. This marks the eighth time the Frenchman has been occupied in an occurrence in 15 races and, more disturbingly for the other drivers coming up for the lights to go out, it is the fifth time it has happened on the first circuit.

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